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Mission: Education, Service and Research

The Institute of Psychotherapy is an academic center for graduated alumni whose mission is the training of highly qualified, professional psychoanalytic psychotherapists to promote the emotional well being of the surrounding community. The Institute provides its students and teachers with a platform of continual growth in both their academic and personal lives and maintains an atmosphere of liberty and respect.

To fulfill its mission and stay true to the ideals of its founder, Doctor José Rubén Hinojosa Martínez, the Institute will always operate a charity clinic in its field of specialty. This clinic will, taking into account its resources, grow beyond the requirements of the clinical-teaching field.

Admission Requirements

  • Copia del título o si está en trámite copia del acta de examen profesional
  • Certificado de Estudios de Licenciatura (original)
  • Copy of College Diploma
  • Copy of the CURP
  • 80% English Proficiency
  • Application Essay demonstrating candidate’s motivation, addressed to the General Director
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Autobiography
  • Original and copy of Birth Certificate
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Four black and white photographs, ID/Passport size
  • One color photograph, ID/Passport size
  • Three job interviews
  • Pay $2,000 pesos to cover administrative and job interview costs